PD Center: Accessing a Course

1. To access your PD Center course, begin on the My Classes page (see My Classes article for more information). Click the Options button next to the course you wish to access. Click Go to Classroom to enter the course.

course options menu expanded and go to classroom button highlighted

2. Once your classroom opens, the course material will be in the center of the screen. Use the navigation provided within the course to move through the material. 

For Self-Paced Facilitated courses, the navigation is located in the header of the page and there are back and next buttons located at the footer of the page. Select each section at the top or use the back and next buttons at the bottom of the page to move through the course material. 

P D center course with navigation in header and back and next buttons in footer highlighted

 Non-facilitated courses display Next buttons in the lower right corner of the course content.

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