PD Center: Course Catalog/Registration

The Course Catalog/Registration page of the PD Center is where you can search for, preview, and register for courses offered through the PD Center.

1. You can access the Course Catalog/Registration from the PD Center welcome message dialog by clicking on the Course Catalog/Registration button.

P D center welcome message dialog with course catalog slash registration button highlighted

You can also access the Course Catalog/Registration by clicking on the Menu button in the upper right corner of the PD Center and selecting Course Catalog/Registration.

P D center menu button highlighted and expanded with course catalog slash registration button highlighted

2. You may search for a course by name by typing in the title of the course in the Course Name search bar and clicking on the green Filter button. You may also browse courses by course option, by selecting an option from the drop down menu.

P D center course catalog slash registration screen with course name search field and filter button highlighted and course options menu expanded and highligted

3. Each course listing contains several pieces of information. The Descriptors identify which course option(s) the course is classified under. The Act 48 Hours are the number of Act 48 hours that will be awarded upon course completion. The Duration is the maximum amount of time you have to complete the course (note you can work at your own pace within this time frame).

course listing screen with descriptors, act 48 hours, and duration headings highlighted

4. Click the Options button to preview or register for a course. Previewing allows you to view the course content before determining if you wish to take the course. Selecting Register will allow you to fill out the registration form for the course.

course options menu highlighted and expanded

5. The Course Registration form is pre-populated with your information. Confirm your information by clicking Register

course registration form with register button highlighted

Important note: A PPID is required to receive Act 48 credits.

It is possible to take PD Center courses without a PPID. To do so, check the box next to the statement declaring that you understand that if your PPID is not entered, you will not receive Act 48 credits.

course registration form with check box and not entered P P I D statement highlighted

6. Once you have registered, you can access your course(s) form the My Classes page. Click the Menu button and select My Classes. (See the PD Center: My Classes article for more information).

P D center menu button highlighted and expanded with my classes button highlighted


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