PD Center: Messages

Viewing Messages within the PD Center

1. To view messages sent by your instructor, click Inbox in the top right corner of the PD Center homepage.

P D center header with inbox button highlighted

2. On the left side of the screen are your current and previous messages. To read a message, click on the desired conversation and it will open in the panel to the right.

P D center messages screen with available messages highlighted

 3. You can also filter messages by course by selecting the All Courses drop down menu and selecting your desired course.

P D center messages screen with all courses drop down menu expanded and highlighted

4. To reply to an email you have received, click on the desired message, then click on the arrow next to the subject of the email. This will open up a new message window that is pre-populated with the recipient and includes the message you are replying to.

reply button within an email highlighted



Sending Messages within the PD Center

1. To send a new message within the PD Center, click Inbox in the upper right corner of the PD Center homepage.

P D center header with inbox button highlighted

2. Click on the Compose a New Message icon.

P D center message screen with compose a new message icon highlighted

3. In the new message window that opens, you may message an instructor by selecting the course the instructor you would like to message teaches by clicking on the Select course drop down menu.

new message window with select course drop down menu highlighted and expanded

4. After selecting a course, you will then be able to select who you wish to send the message to. Click on the Directory icon next to the "To" input field in the new message window. Next, click the Teachers option and select your instructor's name. Note that only your own instructor should be listed here. You will not see any options in the Students menu; this feature is not meant to be used within the PD Center.

new message window with directory icon highlighted and drop down category arrows highlighted

 5. After choosing your instructor, type the subject of your email the the subject line and the text of your email in the text box. If you wish to include an attachment, click the paperclip icon to add a file from your computer. When you have finished composing your email, click the Send button to send the email to its recipient.

new message windown with subject line, attachment icon, and send button highlighted

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