PD Center: My Classes

The My Classes page of the PD Center displays the courses you are currently enrolled in, as well as any withdrawn or expired enrollments.

1. You can access My Classes from the PD Center welcome message dialog by clicking on the My Classes button.

P D center welcome message dialog with my classes button highlighted

You can also access My Classes by clicking on the Menu button in the upper right corner of the PD Center and selecting My Classes.

P D center menu button highlighted and expanded with my classes button highlighted

2. Your My Classes page shows all of your active registrations and any courses you have Withdrawn from.

Note that your start and end dates are listed here. You must complete the course work prior to your course end date.

This page will also provides a banner with instructions for locating the course catalog.

my classes screen within the P D center

To access your course, click the Options button. Click Go to Classroom to enter the course. You may also Withdraw if you decide not to complete the course, or Email Instructor (for instructor-led courses) from the Options button. Note that you should always enter your course from this page. Do not bookmark the actual course pages; this may cause login problems.

course options button highlighted and menu expanded



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