PD Center: Act 126 Troubleshooting

I enrolled in the wrong track of the Act 126 course.

To enroll in the correct or desired track of the Act 126 course, you must first withdraw from the incorrect track of the course. 

1. Navigate to the My Classes page of the PD Center by clicking Menu and selecting My Classes.

P D center menu highlighted and expanded with my classes button highlighted

2. On the My Classes page, find your Active Registrations and the Act 126 course you wish to withdraw from.

active registrations with act 126 course highlighted

3. Click the Options button next to the course and select Withdraw.

course options button expanded and highlighted with withdraw button highlighted

4. Confirm your withdrawal from the course by clicking OK on the pop up window that appears.

withdrawal confirmation screen with ok button highlighted

5. Navigate to the Course Catalog/Registration by clicking Menu and selecting Course Catalog/Registration and register for the correct or desired track of the course. (See PD Center: Act 126 article for more information).

P D center menu highlighted and expanded with course catalog slash registration button highlighted



Module 1 of the Act 126 course is just a blank screen.

The issue you are experiencing indicates that Adobe Flash Player is either being blocked, is out of date, or  is not downloaded on your computer.

You need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on the computer in order for the course to run. If it is already installed but is currently being blocked, please try any of the following options to resolve this issue:

A.) If your Adobe Flash Player is up to date, it may have been blocked. To correct this, you will need to go into your web browser settings and unblock it. Instructions for this can generally be readily found by performing a Google search of your browser name and flash settings.

B.) Try using a different web browser on your computer.

C.) Try upgrading your flash player, which can be done by performing a Google search for "Adobe Flash Update" and following the instructions in the link from the Adobe website. If you are using a district computer, you may need your IT department to assist you.


For direct assistance with questions/inquiries regarding the Act 126 course through the SAS PD Center, contact the SAS Help Desk via email or phone:



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