PD Center: Submitting an Assignment

As you move throughout the self-paced courses, you will be directed to complete the assignments associated with the course. You can find the assignments in the Assignments section, located on the left side of the screen. Click Assignments to view the assignments associated with this course. 

P D center course side bar menu with assignments button highlighted

Each assignment is listed by name, with its point value. Click the name of the assignment you are ready to complete.

course assignments screen with assignment name and points highlighted

Each assignment contains an explanation of the requirements, information on how many points it is worth, the passing score, and a link to the scoring rubric for the assignment. You may submit your work as an attachment, a text entry, or when applicable, a website URL. When you are ready to submit your assignment, click Submit Assignment.

assignment screen with point value, scoring rubric, and submit assignment button highlighted

This will open a section below the description of the assignment which shows your options for submitting the assignment. Select the tab that matches your preferred submission method.

To upload a file you have previously completed and saved on your computer, choose the File Upload tab, click Choose File, then browse to the files you wish to upload. Click Open on the browse window to add the file(s), then click Submit Assignment when you have added all of the files associated with the assignment. You may also add text to the comments box (if necessary).

submit assignment file upload screen with file upload tab and choose file and submit assignment buttons highlighted

If you wish to type your answer directly into the PD Center, choose Text Entry. Type your answer in the editor text box, and click Submit Assignment when you are satisfied that you have answered the question thoroughly. You may also leave a message in the comments box (if necessary).

submit assignment text entry screen with text entry tab and submit assignment button highlighted

You may also wish to submit your assignment via a website URL, if applicable to the assignment. Click Website URL and copy and paste the web address into the Website URL box. Click Submit Assignment after pasting in the web address.

submit assignment website U R L entry screen with website U R L tab and submit assignment button highlighted

Once you have submitted your work, you will see a confirmation in the upper right corner of your screen.

submission confirmation

Your instructor will grade your work within five business days. When your work has been graded, you will see this in two locations upon logging in. Click Grades to view all of your assignments and grades. To jump directly to the assessment that was graded, click the Recent Feedback.

course page with grades and recent feedback highlighted

The newly graded items will have a blue dot in front of them. Click the title to view the assignment and your instructor's feedback.

course grades screen with assignment and grade highlighted

Your grade appears in the upper right corner, with any comments from the instructor directly below that. If you wish to respond, you may do so using the Add a Comment feature.

assignment grade screen with grade, comment, comment text box, and save button highlighted

When your course has been graded in its entirety, you will see each assessment listed with the score, the number of points possible, and a total percentage, which represents your final grade. Additionally, a comment bubble will appear if your instructor commented on the assessment.

course grades screen with score and points out of, total score, and comment box highlighted

Note that you must receive a passing score on each assignment regardless of the overall percentage grade you earn in order to pass the course.

Once you have completed a course, you can easily see the list of your past courses and their status on the My Past Classes page. 

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