My Created Items

Assessment items you have created using the Create an Assessment Item tool will be located here. You may use your Created Items to build Assessments and Checks for Understanding.

1. To view or edit any custom items that you have created through the Create an Assessment Item tool, click the Start a New Search button under the Build an Assessment section on the Assessment Center landing page.

assessment center page with build an assessment icon highlighted

Alternatively, you may access your My Created Items by clicking the Create Assessment Items button under the Create an Assessment Item section on the Assessment Center landing page.

assessment center page with create an assessment item icon highlighted

Next, click the View My Created Items button along the left side of the page. 

create an assessment item page with the my created items button highlighted

2. The My Created Items bank houses both your assessment items as well as your item resources. Note that the My Created Items option is already selected under the Question Bank field on the left hand side of the page. 

assessment item search page displaying question bank filter with the checkbox for my created items bank selected and highlighted

There are three search options for locating your items. 

a. To search for your items using your established preferences, click the Select a Preference drop down and select your desired preference (or create a new one).

My Preferences section of standards search page with Select a Preference highlighted

b. Select any combination of your desired option(s) from each filter. Click the plus sign to expand a filter(s) of interest, click View More if necessary, and then click the desired checkbox(es). Different search filter options may appear based on what is applicable for each of your former selections (including Grade, Subject, Course, Assessment Types, Assessment Features, and Standards). 

assessment item search page displaying grade, subject, course, assessment types, assessment features, and standards filter options with 1st grade checkbox selected and highlighted

c. To search for your items using a keyword, add a search term to the search box. You may also perform a combined search that includes both a search term and filter selections. Click the magnifying glass icon (or Enter key) to execute the search.

assessment item search page with keyword search highlighted

3. The search results will populate automatically based on your search criteria.

assessment item search page with sample search results displaying a my created item

4. Click the Options button associated with an item and select the desired action (see descriptions below).

a my created item example in the search results with the options button highlighted and arrows pointing to the menu options including edit this item, share this item, and delete this item

a. Edit this Item allows you to make alterations to an item. On the Assessment Item Creator page, make your desired changes. Please refer to the Create an Assessment Item and/or Create an Item Resource help section for further guidance.

top portion of the assessment item creator page for a my created item example including the General Information section

b. Share this Item allows you to share an item with a colleague (who also has a SAS account). Enter the colleague's email address (must match his/her SAS account) and click the Share button.

share assessment item pop-up window with email adddress field highlighted and arrow pointing to the share button

c. Delete this Item allows you to permanently remove an item from your My Created Items bank. Note that this action cannot be undone. 

confirm delete pop-up window displaying yes and no buttons

5. To add one of your items to an assessment, click the Add to My Assessment button. To continue building an assessment, please refer to the Build an Assessment help section.

a my created item example with the add to my assessment button highlighted


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