Build an Assessment

Teachers can create an assessment using the library of standards-aligned assessment items within SAS or create their own assessment items to use with students. The Assessment Builder contains a wide selection of multiple choice, short answer, and constructed response questions that teachers can use, or teachers can create their own assessment items for use in their assessments.

1. Click the Start a New Search button under the Build an Assessment section on the Assessment Center homepage to search the PDE database of standards-aligned assessment items.

Hint: You must click Save My Assessment at the end of this process in order for your work to be saved in the system (and stored on the View My Assessments page).

assessment center page with build an assessment icon highlighted

2. There are three search options for locating assessment items to place on an assessment.

a. To search for assessment items using your established preferences, click the Select a Preference drop down in the left hand menu and select your desired preference (or create a new one).

My Preferences section of standards search page with Select a Preference highlighted

b. To perform an assessment item search using the provided search fields in the left hand menu, first choose which Question Bank you wish to utilize as your question source (PDE SASMy Created Items, or both). The My Created Items bank houses any custom items that you have created through the Create an Assessment Item tool.

assessment item search page displaying question bank filter with the checkboxes for both P D E S A S bank and my created items bank selected

Then, select any combination of your desired option(s) from each filter. Click the plus sign to expand a filter(s) of interest, click View More if necessary, and click the desired checkbox(es). Different search filter options may appear based on what is applicable for each of your former selections (including Grade, Subject, Course, Assessment TypesAssessment Features, and Standards).

assessment item search page displaying the grade, subject, and course filter options with 1st grade checkbox selected and highlighted

You may refine your search by selecting any or all of the Assessment Types (e.g., constructed response, multiple choice, Text Dependent Analysis). Please note that Assessment Features are only applicable to Item Resources. 

Hint: An Item Resource is a passage, illustration, map, graph, etc. upon which you can create multiple test items.

assessment item search page displaying the assessment types and assessment features filter options

Select specific standards to refine your search and drill down to Eligible Content.

Hint: Selecting specific standards is optional; you may narrow your search by selecting specific standards/EC or by not selecting, you will be able to view all items for your selected grade and subject.

assessment item search page displaying the standards filter option with a sample standard checkbox selected and highlighted

c. To search for assessment items using a keyword, add a search term to the search box. You may also perform a combined search that includes both a search term and filter selections. Click the magnifying glass icon (or Enter key) to execute the search.

assessment item search page with keyword search highlighted

3. Your search results will populate automatically based on your search criteria.

assessment item search page with sample search results displayed

4. If at any point you wish to reset your search filters and begin a fresh search, click the Start Over button.

assessment item search results page with start over button highlighted

5. To add any of the items in the search results to your assessment, click the Add To My Assessment button for each desired item.

assessment item search results page displaying sample item with add to my assessment button highlighted

6. Once you have added an item to your assessment, the Items In My Assessment counter will increase. The counter will keep a running tally of the number of items in your assessment. 

assessment item search results page with items in my assessment counter highlighted

7. If you wish to delete an item, click the Remove From My Assessment button.

assessment item search results page displaying sample item with remove from my assessment button highlighted

8. To view a greater quantity of assessment items per page in the search results, click on the desired Results Per Page number. 

assessment item search results page with results per page numbers highlighted

9. To view the search results on the next page, click the desired page number at the bottom of the page. You may also use the Return to Top button in order to automatically jump to the top of the search results.

assessment item search results page with page numbers highlighted and arrow pointing to the return to the top button

10. Once you have added all of your assessment items, click the View My Assessment button to access your assessment.

assessment item search results page with view my assessment button highlighted

11. Alternatively, if you wish to abandon your current assessment and begin anew, click the Create a New Assessment button.

assessment item search results page with create a new assessment button highlighted

12. After selecting View My Assessment, the display will default to the Student Version. Click the tabs to access the Teacher Version and Answer Key.

preview assessment page with student version, teacher version, and answer key tabs highlighted

13. Use the up and down arrows below an assessment item to rearrange the order of the item on the assessment. Click the X (Remove Item) button to delete an item from the assessment.

preview assessment page with up and down arrows buttons and remove item button highlighted

14. Click the Options button at the top of the assessment and select the desired action (see descriptions below).

preview assessment page with options button highlighted and options drop down menu displayed

a. Add Assessment Items will redirect you back to the search results page so that you can locate additional items to place on the assessment.

b. Save My Assessment will capture the assessment in its current form. Enter an Assessment Title. If applicable, enter Student Instructions (only appears on Student Version) and/or Teacher Instructions (only appears on Teacher Version).  Click the Save button when you are finished. The assessment can now be accessed in the View My Assessments section of the Assessment Center.

save my assessment page displaying text entry fields including title, student instructions, and teacher instructions

highlighted save button

c. Export to PDF will generate a savable/printable file of the assessment.

d. Export to Word will generate a savable/printable file of the assessment.

e. Add to ePortfolio (as PDF) will save the assessment to the ePortfolio section of your account in a PDF format. 

f. Add to ePortfolio (as Assessment) will save a direct link to the online version of your assessment within the ePortfolio section of your account. 

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