Accessing the Assessment Center


1. The Assessments section can be accessed by clicking on Assessments along the top header of the website.

SAS homepage with assessments button highlighted in the toolbar

2. Click the Assessment Center button on the Assessments menu page.

assessments page with assessment center button highlighted

3. Alternatively, hover your cursor over Assessments to reveal its menu of options, and click on Assessment Center.

Assessments section drop down menu list with Assessments button highlighted and an arrow pointing to the assessment center option

4. Click on the desired Assessment Center option. Build an Assessment allows you to build an assessment by searching the PDE database of standards-aligned items. Create an Assessment Item provides the ability to generate a custom assessment item (utilizing the SAS step-by-step process), which can then be added to an assessment. View My Assessments allows you to examine any of your previously-created assessments. Check for Understanding allows you to create new Checks for Understanding and access the results of completed Check for Understanding.

assessment center page displaying build an assessment, view my assessments, create an assessment item, and check for understanding options

The Assessment Center offers several options for educators:

  • Users can create customized test questions utilizing the SAS step-by-step process.
  • Tests can be custom designed, with the option of integrating teacher-created test questions and test items from the PDE SAS Assessment Center.
  • Customized assessments can be shared with colleagues to create a repository of common assessments.
  • Once created, tests can be redesigned as instruction and needs dictate.
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