My Curriculum Maps

1. Access My Curriculum Maps by clicking My Curriculum Maps on the My SAS Tools menu.

my SAS tools menu expanded with my curriculum maps button highlighted

2. Use the Options button to View, Email, Copy, or Delete your curriculum maps. You can also view the original map from this button.

my curriculum maps screen with options button highlighted and expanded

3. On the View Map page, you can edit the Notes column by simply checking the Edit box, then clicking in the desired Notes box and begin typing.

curriculum map with edit box highlighted

 4. You may also click the yellow Options Menu button , then click Options to add the map to your ePortfolio, export the map to Excel, or Print the map. If you wish to view the map in a panel format, click the Panel radio button underneath Options.

curriculum map screen with options menu button and options button highlighted

curriculum map screen with panel radio button highlighted

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