1. Access your ePortfolio from the SAS Tools menu.

SAS tools menu expanded with e portfolio option highlighted

2. Use the yellow buttons at the top of the page to add a New Folder, Upload Files(s), or add a New Bookmark.

my e portfolio screen with new folder, upload files, and new bookmark buttons highlighted

3. To add a new folder, type the folder name and click Save.

new folder name field and save button highlighted

4. To upload files, you may either click Choose Files (upload files from your computer) or drag and drop files from your desktop to upload into the current folder. Once your files are listed in the uploader, click Save/Upload. To add additional files at once, click the yellow Add button.

choose files and save slash upload buttons highlighted

5. To add a bookmark (website), add the Bookmark Name, optional Description, URL, and click Save. 

bookmark name, description, and U R L fields and save button highlighted

6. To edit, move, or delete a folder, file, or bookmark from your ePortfolio, use the Options button located on the right side of each item.

my e portfolio with options button highlighted


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