Search Standards

1.  Click the Search Standards button on the Standards menu page.

SAS standards menu page with search standards button highlighted

2. There are three search options.

a. To search for standards using your established preferences, click the Select a Preference drop down and select your desired preference (or create a new one).

My Preferences section of standards search page with Select a Preference highlighted

b. To perform a standards search using a grade and subject or course combination, select any combination of your desired option(s) from each filter. Click the plus sign to expand a filter(s) of interest, click View More if necessary, and then click the desired checkbox(es). 

Grade, subject, and course checkboxes section of standards search page with a third grade selected and highlighted as an example and an arrow pointing to the view more drop down

c. To search for standards using a keyword, add a search term to the search box. You may also perform a combined search that includes both a search term and grade/subject selections. Click the magnifying glass icon (or Enter key) to execute the search.

Keyword search section of standards search page with search box highlighted

3. Your results will show you the standards associated with your search, and will allow you to access the Eligible Content, Assessments, and Materials & Resources aligned with those standards. 

standards search results with eligible content, assessments, and materials and resources buttons highlighted

4. You can also save, email, or print the standards by selecting from the Options button menu.

standards search results with options button highlighted revealing a drop down list including P D F, print, email, and add to e portfolio

5. Click the arrow in the top right corner of the standard to show it’s place in the standard tree.

standards search results with clickable arrow highlighted

standards search results with the expanded standard tree

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