Vertical Viewer

1. Click Vertical Viewer button on the Standards menu page. This view allows you to see the standards associated with any of your saved preferences or additional searches in the context of the standards for lower and upper grades. This allows you to see where your students have been, and what they need to be prepared for in the future.

standards menu page with vertical viewer button highlighted

2. There are two search options.

a. To search using your established preferences, click the Select a Preference drop down and select your desired preference (or create a new one).

My Preferences section of standards search page with Select a Preference highlighted

b. To perform a search using a grade and subject or course combination, select any combination of your desired option(s) from each filter. Click the plus sign to expand a filter(s) of interest, click View More if necessary, and then click the desired checkbox(es). 

Grade, subject, and course checkboxes section of standards search page with a third grade selected and highlighted as an example and an arrow pointing to the view more drop down

3. Click the name of the strand to view the standards.

vertical viewer strands for third grade math with numbers and operations strand highlighted

4. The Vertical Viewer will display. You have the option to explore both higher and lower grades using the arrows located on each side. To return to your initial search, click the Back to Results button.

vertical viewer for numbers and operations with view lower grades and view higher grades buttons highlighted

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