Workshop Evaluation

1. Click Workshop Evaluation in the My SAS Tools menu to complete reviews of the SAS presenters for our professional development training sessions.

my SAS tools menu expanded and workshop evaluation button highlighted

2. Any current workshops you are registered for will be displayed on this page. To register for a new workshop, and to complete an evaluation, click the Register for a Workshop button.

workshop evaluation screen with register for a workshop button highlighted

3. In order to register for a workshop, you must enter the code given by the instructor in the code box, then click the Register button to proceed.

register for a new workshop screen with registration code entry field and register button highlighted

4. Once you have registered, and when the workshop instructor directs you to do so, you may click Take Survey to fill out the evaluation of the training session.

workshops screen with take survey button highlighted

5. Respond to each question by clicking the appropriate box for your answer choice.

workshop evaluation survey

6. At the very bottom, click Save and Close to complete the evaluation.

save and close button highlighted


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