My Lessons

1. Click the My Lessons button on the Materials & Resources menu page, or select My Lessons from the SAS Tools menu.

materials and resources menu with my lessons button highlighted

SAS tools menu with my lessons option highlighted

2. You can search for a lesson by typing in the search bar, or you may use the Filters feature by clicking "Filters."

my lessons search bar with filters button highlighted

Click each of the yellow drop down buttons to select your choices for Content Type, Grade, or Status.

my lessons search with filters menu expanded and content type, grade, and status buttons highlighted

3. You can edit, preview, or delete any existing lesson plans using the Options button.

lesson plan menu with options button highlighted

 4. To add a new lesson, click the yellow Add New Lesson button.

my lessons screen with add new lesson button highlighted

5. Give your lesson plan a title, and use the drop down "I want to create" menu to select the type of content you wish to create. Note that this drop down may be limited to one type of content depending on your permissions within the SAS site.

new lesson plan title field with i want to create button highlighted

6. After selecting your content type, a button will appear allowing you to select a template. Choose the appropriate template and click Create.

select a template menu

 template selected and create button is highlighted

7. Select Subject and/or Course and click the checkbox in front of the appropriate subject or course.

my lessons subjects menu with subjects and mathematics checkbox highlighted

my lessons courses menu with courses and algebra one checkbox highlighted

8. Click the checkbox in front of the appropriate grade(s).

my lessons grade level menu with ninth grade checkbox highlighted

9. Click the Modify Standards button to add Standards to your lesson plans. 

my lessons standards and eligible content screen with modify standards button highlighted

Click an existing preference, click the Choose Grades and Subjects button, type in the search bar, or click Filter by Standard Types to complete a standards search.

align standards screen with search fields

After adding your search information, you may wish to click the blue minus sign in the top right corner of the navy section to close that portion of the window.

Scroll through the results and click the Add Standard button to select the standard(s) of your choosing for your lesson plan. As you add each standard, the number next to Current Academic Standards (blue tab) will change. You can click there to see the standards you have selected at any time. Click the numbered boxes and/or arrow buttons on the right to view the rest of the standards search results.

standard search results screen with add standard button highlighted

Click Save to close the Standard Tool once you have added all appropriate standards.

standard search results screen with save button highlighted

 10. Use the text editor boxes to add your Rationale, Vocabulary, Objectives, Essential Questions, Duration, Materials, Instructional Strategies, Instructional Procedures, Formative Assessments, Related Materials & Resources, Keywords, and Author.

text editor box

11. Click the check boxes next to any Suggested Instructional Strategies and use the Higher Order Thinking drop down menu to select an appropriate option.

suggested instructional strategies menu with formative assessment checkbox and higher order thinking buttons highlighted

 12. At the very bottom of the page, click Preview to see a full copy of your lesson. Click Save to save your work and return to the My Lessons page.

preview and save buttons

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