1.  Click the SAS Tools button.

SAS homepage with SAS Tools button highlighted

2. Select Profile from the drop down list.

SAS Tools drop down menu with Profile link highlighted

3. If you have an existing SAS account, you will be able to edit your Personal Information by clicking the yellow SAS Profile button. 

My Profile page with SAS Profile button highlighted

Make any necessary changes and click Save and Close. Be certain to add your PPID if you have one.

edit personal information screen with save and close button highlighted

To edit your organization, click the yellow Choose Organization Type drop down menu.

choose organization type drop down menu highlighted

Select your Organization Type from the drop down list. If your organization is not listed, please select Other.

edit personal information screen with choose organization type menu opened and save and close button highlighted

Depending on the organization you select, other drop downs will appear. Fill in each drop down that is applicable to your organization. When you are finished, click Save and Close.

To edit your Position, click the yellow Choose Position to Add drop down menu.

choose position to add button highlighted

Use the drop down menu to select the positions that are applicable to you. Click Add after each selection. When you have selected your position(s), click Save and Close.

edit personal information screen with choose position to add menu opened and save and close button highlighted

4. Please set your preferences in the Preferences section. This will enable you to quickly search for information relevant to your saved preferences.

You may save as many preferences as you wish. You could, for example, choose to set up a preference for each subject that you teach. Keeping your preferences specific will help to limit the results, making it easier to find the resources you are looking for.

To add a preference, click the Create a New Preferences button.

my profile preferences page with create new preference button highlighted

Give your preference a Name, click the buttons to add Grade(s), Subject(s), and Course(s), then click Create New Preference. You must provide a name and select at least one grade, subject, or course to complete your preference set up.

create a new preference input menu with create new preference button highlighted

Note: A pop-up will appear when you click the Grade(s), Subject(s), or Course(s) button, allowing you to check the appropriate options for each. Click Save and Close when finished.

select your grades pop up menu

Remember, if you teach multiple grades, subjects, or courses, you can create a separate preference for each to ensure your search results are always relevant.

Once you have added your preferences, they will appear in your profile.

SAS profile with preferences

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