PA Standards Instructional Frameworks

Pennsylvania has provided curriculum frameworks for ELA, Math, Library, and Personal Finance. These frameworks were created by PDE and other education professionals throughout the state. The maps are optional resources for educators, offering the opportunity for schools to adopt, adapt, or use the maps to audit existing curriculum.

1. Access these Instructional Frameworks by clicking on the desired category (ELA, Math, Library, or Personal Finance).

curriculum menu with instructional framework buttons highlighted

2. Once you have clicked on your selection, you will see a list of the available Instructional Frameworks Maps associated with it. Refer to the instructions for District Curriculum Maps to learn how to work with these maps. You may search for a map by typing in the Keyword Search box. Click the Options button to view a map, copy it to My District, or add it to My Curriculum Maps.

instructional frameworks screen with options button highlighted

An explanation section can be accessed by clicking the arrow in front of the Instructional Frameworks button (if not already displayed).

instructional frameworks button highlighted

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