Creating a Template

Note that you must have the Curriculum Map Admin permission to create curriculum map templates. Please contact your IU to obtain this permission.

1. To access the Curriculum Mapping Tool, click Curriculum Framework along the top header of the site, or on the Curriculum Framework icon at the bottom of the homepage.

SAS website header with curriculum framework button highlighted

curriculum framework icon highlighted at the bottom of the SAS homepage

2. Click District Curriculum Maps.

curriculum menu with district curriculum maps button highlighted

3. Template creation is part of the map creation process. To create a new template, click Add New Curriculum Map.

district curriculum map screen with add new curriculum map button highlighted

4. Add a title, and select Create New Template from the template drop down. This will open the template fields. Add a Title, a Template Name, and select a District Name & Logo (optional). 

Click the yellow Tags button to add Grade(s), Subject(s), and Course(s). Then click Create

add new currciulum map screen with title, template, template name, and district name and logo fields highlighted and create button highlighted

add new curriculum map screen with tags menu button highlighted and opened and create button highlighted

 5. The initial view of your map contains only a small number of columns and rows. You will add column names and types in the next step.

new template screen

 6. To add a column name, click on the blue box at the top of a column to edit the text that currently reads New Column. When you have changed the text, click Save.

edited text in curriculum map template column with save button highlighted

 7. Click the gear in the top right corner of each column header to edit the column.

Use this menu to make changes to the Columns. You can move the columns, expand or compress the columns, change the column type, or delete a column here.

curriculum map column header with gear button highlighted and menu expanded

To change the column type, select the option that best matches the information teachers will add to the column on the pop up that appears. See number 8 below for a description of the column types.

choose a column type menu

8. There are three column types available. Select the type that matches the information you wish teachers to put in each column.

Standards: Select standards based on a search for grades and subjects. These will include a hyperlink to the standard in our View Standards section to provide easy access to the Materials & Resources linked to that standard.

Curriculum Framework: Select Big Ideas, Essential Questions, Concepts, or Competencies based on a search for grades and subjects.

Text: A text editor that allows you to add additional information not found in the Standards or Curriculum Framework.

9. Columns can also be reordered by dragging and dropping. Click the row of squares on the left side of the header and drag the column to the new location.

column header with drag handle highlighted


 10. Columns can be moved using the gear icon located to the right of each column heading and selecting Move Left or Move Right. To expand or compress a column, select the desired option from the gear menus as well.

column gear menu highlighted and expanded with move left and move right buttons highlighted

You can delete an entire column by clicking the gear icon next to the column heading, then selecting Delete Column.

column gear menu highlighted and expanded with delete column button highlighted

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