Safe and Supportive Schools Overview

1. To access an outline of Safe and Supportive Schools, click Overview.

safe and supportive schools menu with overview button highlighted

2. This section supplies Safe and Supportive Schools resources and exemplars to promote active student engagement in a safe and positive learning environment. Click on any of the three categories (the yellow Learn More buttons) to access further information.

safe and supportive schools overview with learn more button highlighted

 3. Click on the Materials & Resources button for the desired area of interest.

engagement category screen with materials and resources button highlighted

4. Materials & Resources provides a way to locate standards-aligned Safe Schools resources through a targeted search. Locate educational resources by Keyword, Subject Area/Grade Level, Course, one of your set preferences, or by filtering by content types (click the drop down arrow).

materials and resources search screen with filter by content type drop down menu button highlighted

5. Click on the title of the desired resource you wish to view.

materials and resources search results with document title highlighted

6. Click on the blue arrows to expand and view each of the categories pertaining to the Academic Standard.

related academic standard screen with category drop down arrows highlighted

 7. Click the Options button to email, print, or add the resource and related standards to your ePortfolio. To access the resource itself, click the link(s) located below the Resource(s) heading.

safe schools resource screen with options button and resource link highlighted


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