Creating a District Name & Logo

Note that you must have the Curriculum Map Admin permission to create curriculum map templates and district names & logos. Please contact your IU to obtain this permission.

1. To access the Curriculum Mapping Tool, hover the cursor over Curriculum Framework along the top header of the site, and select the Curriculum Maps option from the drop down list.  

curriculum framework menu drop down options list with curriculum maps option highlighted

 2. Alternatively, click on Curriculum Framework along the top header of the site, and then select the Curriculum Maps option.

header of SAS website with curriculum framework button highlighted

curriculum menu with curriculum maps button highlighted

3. District Name & Logo creation is part of the map creation process. To create a new District Name & Logo, click Add New Curriculum Map.

curriculum maps screen with add new curriculum map button highlighted

4. Add a title, and select Create New Template from the template drop down. Then, select Create New District Name & Logo in the District Name & Logo drop down. This will open up the District Name & Logo boxes. Add a District Name and add the body of the District Name & Logo in the District Name/Logo HTML box. Click Create

district name and logo fields highlighted and create button highlighted

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